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Situated in the middle of the nature of Timanfaya National Parc

Quite different from the other cannabis clubs on Lanzarote is this good example, which is located in the middle of nature. Already on the way to the CSC there is a lot to marvel at, as soon as you can guess the club from afar, it becomes clear that you have landed in paradise. The Cannabis Club even has a large terrace with an inner courtyard, which gives this CSC its very special charm! The Cannabis Club in the heart of the island is designed rather rustic and with a lot of love.

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Well-stocked and equipped
small & fine cannabis club 

Inside this CSC there are two smaller seating areas and a bar, there is not much space but who likes to chill inside when there is a terrace. The weed & hash in this cannabis club on Lanzarote are of top quality and you will find some well-known strains from DSP Genetics on the menu. From time to time you will also find edibles and extracts produced by the CSC itself.

Great location for a cannabis festival under the sun

The terrace with its courtyard is unique on Lanzarote for a cannabis club. What could be better on holiday than being able to sit in the fresh air with your joint or bong and enjoy the sun while smoking. So it's no wonder that larger cannabis events are also organised here. 

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cannabisclub lanzarote.JPG

Small snacks, drinks and
friendly staff 

It doesn't always have to be the super-designed cannabis club, the essential thing is that there are top-quality cannabis products, a few drinks and small snacks on offer and, above all, friendly advice and service. If there's also a terrace with fresh air and sun waiting for you, you basically can't go wrong!

If you would like to join this cannabis club on Lanzarote, all you have to do is press the button below the text. The membership fee for 1 year is 25€ in this CSC. You can also easily combine this CSC with our HOLIDAZE PASSES with any other or several cannabis clubs. 

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