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Cannabis Concierge Service

Probably the most popular and most booked "tour" is our Cannabis Concierge Service. Our concierge will pick you up at your accommodation and chauffeur you with cold soft drinks & snacks to the best cannabis club on the island. As a highlight you will get our Canna Holidaze Survival Kit which will make every stoner's heart beat faster! Furthermore, we will inform you about the cannabis scene and its social clubs on the Canary Islands, as well as about the current laws in Spain.

When you arrive at the Cannabis Club, you will of course have enough time (approx. 2 hours) to chill before you are brought back to your accommodation with cold soft drinks and snacks. 


         2 people - 140 €

        3 people - € 200

        4 people - 250 €

          +1 person - 50 €


You can find our booking and contact form at the bottom of this page;)

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