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Huge cannabis club in industrial style, near Marina Barcelona

This cannabis club in Barcelona will completely overwhelm you as soon as you enter! An atmosphere like an art café in hip Berlin Kreuzberg awaits you in the upper area of the CSC. A bar with a huge selection of snacks and drinks, much of which is homemade. In the lower area, it looks like a hip techno club in Friedrichshain, the entire Cannabis Club has been designed in an industrial look!

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A thoroughly successful concept, our favourite in the centre 

Not far from the marina and the beach in Barcelonetta lies a real highlight of Barcelona's cannabis club culture. With a decade of experience, it is one of the oldest and best CSC's in the whole of Barcelona. A well-known seed bank from Barcelona works very closely with this cannabis club and together they have won some of the biggest awards in cannabis culture worldwide in the last few years.

Top menu with a huge selection of top strains and rarities

Here you will find real international top weed strains and local classics, next to real rarities like YUZU on the menu! Don't worry, the hash, extracts and edibles are also top notch and have won multiple awards. On our last visit, we didn't know what to try first. Luckily, the friendly Bud Tender at this club was able to give us great advice despite the choice. We couldn't quite decide whether HARIBO or YUZU convinced us more!

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Much more than just a normal cannabis social club

A perfect example of how a cannabis social club should be run! There is so much on offer to members here, with events taking place every day at the CSC! From dance classes and fitness classes to yoga and workshops of various kinds. In the evenings, it can get crowded and louder, because DJs and MCs regularly turn this cannabis club into a trendy event location, like the ones you usually find in Berlin Kreuz-Hain.

Unique atmosphere and very relaxed staff

This cannabis club near the marina and beach in Barcelonaetta has a very relaxed and familiar atmosphere. The bar staff are nice and friendly and the Bud Tender has a good idea of what's on the huge menu. I don't know what it is that makes the staff so relaxed, maybe it's the free yoga, maybe it's the weed!

weed yoga bcn.JPG

If you would like to join this cannabis club in Barcelona, all you have to do is press the button below the text. The membership fee for 1 year is 30€ in this CSC. You can also easily combine this CSC with our HOLIDAZE PASSES with any other or several cannabis clubs. 

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