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V.I.P. PASS Arc de Triomf

V.I.P. PASS Arc de Triomf

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Not only the well-known coffee shop in Amsterdam has been a well-known address among weed tourists and cannabis users from all over the world for decades. The Cannabis Club of the same name in Barcelona was also able to develop into a real giant of cannabis culture in Spain in a very short time. It's no wonder that the coffee shop in Amsterdam has featured in several music videos by famous German and European rappers. Here every cannabis lover feels like a little kid in a candy store. In this first-class cannabis club there is really everything a stoner's heart desires and in endless variations. The Tahoe OG Cali weed at this CSC is definitely AAA quality, but the other cannabis products at this cannabis club are also fabulous. It is not without reason that the coffee shop of the same name in Amsterdam has already received several awards for its quality at the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup! As soon as you enter the cannabis club near the Arc de Triomf, every weed lover will realize that he has landed in stoner paradise. A successful combination of a stylish lounge and modern bar, of course with the original Amsterdam coffee shop vibe! Of course, a wide range of free papers, bongs and dab rigs are available to you in this CSC. People like to spend their time here and completely forget to look at the clock. Here you immediately notice that the friendly staff of the CSC is very familiar with all the cannabis products on offer, despite the impressive amount of different weed & hash varieties! Beverages and snacks are also available in any form, so you are also well prepared if you ever get a munchies, which is not uncommon in this cannabis club! The delivery fees are very fair considering that this CSC is right in the center of Barcelona. Every Saturday evening, DJs turn this cannabis club into a house club with their chilled sets, so you almost get the feeling of being on Ibiza. In general, the atmosphere in this CSC is always very exuberant and relaxed, even if it can get crowded here towards the evening. This cannabis club is popular with locals, expats and weed tourists.


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