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V.I.P. Pass Vegueta

V.I.P. Pass Vegueta

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In the old town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we were able to find the best cannabis club on the island. The weed here is some of the best in the whole of the Canary Islands and can easily be compared to Amsterdam and Barcelona. On our last visit we couldn't resist testing the Gelato 33, which definitely convinced us! Of course, you can also get hash in all forms here. The Cannabis Social Club is not far from Placa Santa Ana in the middle of the old town of Las Palmas. The selection of cannabis edibles at this CSC is incredible, chips, cookies, brownies, gummies and much more. Even the best coffee shop in Amsterdam is amazed! But Las Palmas and this cannabis club have a lot more to offer, such as a whole display case full of bongs, even an hourglass is included. In this cannabis social club, you immediately notice that the employees are passionate about what they do. You will be warmly welcomed and perfectly informed about the selection of weed & hash varieties. As already mentioned, it is worth asking about edible cannabis products at this cannabis club. If you prefer to dab, extracts and dab rigs are also available. The CSC has been furnished with attention to detail and is as popular with tourists as it is with locals!


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