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A popular destination for cannabis lovers for 2 decades!

Barcelona is also known in the worldwide cannabis scene as the Amsterdam of Spain, millions of weed tourists from all over the world visit this metropolis and its cannabis clubs every year. The difference to Amsterdam is that in Barcelona you have to become a member of one or more cannabis social clubs and can't just walk into the coffeeshops like in Amsterdam.

Barcelona is a very impressive city through and through and has so much to offer that one weekend is usually not enough to really discover everything. Here, in some of the best cannabis clubs in Spain, besides the best weed and hash varieties in the world, delicious edibles are of course waiting for you! If you're a cannabis extract lover, you can't go wrong at our CSC's in Barcelona, as our cannabis clubs are known for their top-notch cannabis extracts and have decent facilities for dabbling. Culinary-wise, Barcelona offers a very wide selection and really every stoner should get their munchies satiated here. With La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, the buildings of Gaudi, the Arc de Triompf and many other real HIGHlights, there is also a cool Instagram story or two. With almost 5 years of experience as residents of Barcelona, we know almost every corner of the metropolis. Currently you can find 6 of the best CSC's and order your memberships directly online with us. More Cannabis Social Clubs & Guided Canna Tours as well as Holidaze Homes will follow later this year. All you have to do to get more information about our Cannabis Clubs and Holidaze Passes in Barcelona is click on the button Holidaze Passes!

Not only because of the good weed and all the cannabis clubs, about 8.4 million tourists come annually to this beautiful metropolis on the Mediterranean, many of them also come for the impressive and surreal buildings of Gaudi & Dali, the artworks of Miro, the graffiti and street art throughout the city, the excellent Catalan cuisine, for shopping or simply because they love the hustle and bustle in this multicultural world metropolis so much. When selecting our cannabis clubs in Barcelona, we have paid special attention to top quality cannabis products, a chic design with a coffee shop ambience and competent staff with a smile on their lips, as well as ensuring that we have a CSC for you near all the highlights of the city. So that you can include a few highlights directly into your Cannabis Club Tour, which you can easily design yourself with our Holidaze Passes. Such as La Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi. The 19th-century visionary still lives on the streets of Barcelona today, leaving behind a legacy that remains all the more fascinating in light of his untimely death nearly 100 years ago. His masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, is probably the most famous building site in Europe. Its completion is currently scheduled for 2026. But your Gaudí tour should not end at this cathedral. Continue your tour and visit Casa Battló, Casa Milá, Casa Vicens, Park Güell, Palau Güell and the Trencadís-style mosaic benches on the Boulevard Passeig de Gracia. Or you can visit the Barri Gòtic and stroll through the narrow and winding streets that unexpectedly open up into beautiful plazas or reveal hidden boutiques. This district is also home to an impressive cathedral, the construction of which began in 1298. Of course, we also found you the best cannabis club with the original coffee shop vibe in the Barri Gotic! Barcelona combines the historic and the new like no other city, and this combination is especially visible in Barcelona's street art. Immortalised on doors, walls and in secret corners, the artworks tell a colourful, emotional story when you least expect it. Wander through the Barri Gotic, Poblenou or El Raval and find your favourite piece! Speaking of the different neighbourhoods, each one deserves a standing ovation. They are all so different and enchanting, colourful, loud, elegant, delicious and so much more. There's life and character in El Raval, grand avenues and beautiful architecture in Eixample, boho vibes in Gràcia and an impressive 'superblock' transformation of industrial Poblenou into a car-free hub for design and tech businesses, to name just four of the 70+ barris. If you get the munchies during your cannabis club tour, Barcelona is a well-known destination for food lovers from all over the world, with top international restaurants, fancy burger joints and ice cream parlours, funky street food shops and, of course, Spanish restaurants. Forget paella and tapas, of course you'll get more than enough in Barcelona, but there are so many Catalan dishes you should try too! For example, calçcots (a type of spring onion grilled and served with a special sauce), escudella (a meat and vegetable stew), botifarra amb mongetes (a pork sausage with white beans), esqueixada (a stockfish salad) and pa amb tomàquet (toasted bread rubbed with tomatoes and garlic and seasoned with olive oil and salt).

We are currently looking for suitable holiday flats and houses which are 420 friendly and well located! Just like on the Canary Islands, you will not have to worry about anything in our future Holidaze Homes in Barcelona. Our Holidaze Homes in BCN will be equipped with a bong, vaporizer, dab rig or rolling tray and you don't have to worry about the neighbour being disturbed by the smell of your cannabis consumption. Also the old familiar towel in front of the door slit is history! By 2023, we want to be able to offer you a Holidaze Home near each of our CSC's in Barcelona!
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