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Wondering how our Holidaze passes work?


You simply order your passes / memberships for the CSC's of your choice and we take care of the rest for you! As soon as we have received your payment, we will send your details and membership fee in advance to the respective cannabis clubs, where you will be pre-registered directly based on our recommendation. Afterwards we will send you your passes by email. For orders with payment received before 8pm, you will receive your passes on the same day. On the day of your first visit to the respective CSC, you only need to present our passport on your smartphone or in printed form and your original ID, passport or driving licence. The staff will have already prepared your Cannabis Club magnetic stripe cards, chips or other CSC ID variation and you won't have to wait long at the reception before entering the Cannabis Club!


Quasi 420 priority boarding for our cannabis friends!

What could be better than saving a lot of time, stress and money?

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