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Here you can find out everything about the Spanish Cannabis Social Clubs, cannabis laws, weed culture and of course how to legally get weed in Spain!

Buying weed in Spain

Of course, you can also try to buy your weed on the street in Spain, but you should definitely not do that! Even if you're a tourist, there's nothing stopping you from joining one of the weed clubs in Spain! You can try to find a suitable weed club on Google or on Instagram. This will cost you a lot of time and nerves or you can just have a look at our HOLIDAZE PASSES, because we have already found the best weed clubs in Barcelona, Marbella, Malaga, Cadiz, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Estepona and on Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote! We are in regular and good contact with all our weed clubs and can therefore guarantee you to get first class weed legally there!

Weed clubs in Spain

The first Weed Clubs or rather Cannabis Clubs in Spain came into being in the 90s.  After 3 clever minds had studied the Spanish law properly. It was clear that neither the joint consumption nor the joint cultivation of cannabis is forbidden, so the first cannabis club was almost founded.  To found it requires 3 board members, a club statute, a meticulous Bookkeeping and of course the entry in the Spanish association register.  After you have overcome these hurdles you can open your weed club or cannabis club, and a location for cultivation can also be rented and put into operation. Employees can now also be employed in the club/association subject to social security contributions.  New members must accept the club statutes and pay a membership fee for one year, which is between €20 and €50 in most cannabis clubs. The cannabis that is grown by the club exclusively for the members can then be withdrawn from the members for a service fee or contribution towards expenses (as it is called, since nothing may be sold by law).  Profits are also allowed The Weed Clubs / Cannabis Clubs as non-profit organizations do not make any, possible surpluses are used either to expand or beautify the Weed Club, to pursue the Cannabis Club goals or for charitable purposes. However, a refund to the members or a reduction in the contributions for the next year is also possible. The hotspots of the cannabis club scene in Spain are in Barcelona and on the Canary Islands, with Tenerife in particular having developed into a real cannabis El Dorado in recent years.

Join the Cannabis Club

In any case, to become a member of one of these weed clubs, you must be of legal age and recommended by an existing cannabis club member. Either you already have friends or acquaintances who are already members of a weed club in Barcelona, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Marbella or your travel destination in Spain. As mentioned above, you can also try to contact the cannabis clubs directly, however, most weed clubs do not have their own website. However, the majority of cannabis clubs have social media accounts on which you can write to them. Before the laws were tightened in Barcelona in 2021, it was not a problem to receive an invitation directly from the cannabis club itself. Since 2021, the good weed clubs in Barcelona have become very cautious, and rarely send out invites via social media! The easiest way to become a member of a cannabis club is with our HOLIDAZE PASSES with which you get a membership in 1 - 5 weed clubs of your choice. 

Can I become a member of a weed club as a tourist 

Of course, with our HOLIDAZE PASSES you can also become a tourist member of one of the cannabis clubs on our website. In general, according to Spanish association law, there is nothing against accepting tourists as members of a weed club, on the contrary, it is expressly written there that no one may be excluded on the basis of their origin, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. In order for us to be able to pre-register you as a member of the Cannabis Club in advance, we only need the data that you have already given when ordering the HOLIDAZE PASS . On your first visit to the Cannabis Club, the staff will already know and have everything set up for your membership, all you have to do is get your ID scanned and a webcam photo taken before you receive your Official Membership Card or Chip!

Cannabis laws in Spain

In Spain, cannabis consumption and possession is legal for private use and in your own home or in one of the cannabis social clubs. Cannabis cultivation in Spain is very similar to consumption and possession, because as long as the public can't see your grow and you don't grow more cannabis than you can smoke yourself - the law doesn't define an exact amount here - this is also legal! However, consumption and possession in the open is a misdemeanour and can be punished with a fine.
The possession of large quantities and the sale of cannabis is a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment. Here too, there is no maximum limit; there is a precedent from Fuerteventura where two Italians with over 20 kg of cannabis were acquitted on the grounds of personal use! 

Cannabis Culture in Spanien

Cannabis and its consumption has a long tradition in Spain. Whether it came from the influence of the Arabs, who ruled over the southern Iberian peninsula for about 800 years, or from somewhere else, we have not been able to find out to this day. In Spain, stoners are not directly ostracized or socially excluded. Spaniards have always had a very tolerant attitude towards the use of cannabis. In the last 20 years the cannabis culture in Spain has changed a lot, in the 2000s more and more cannabis clubs emerged until around 2010 when the real boom started in some regions of the country. Today Barcelona is considered the new Amsterdam and also on the Canary Islands, especially in the south of Tenerife a new cannabis travel Mecca is developing. 
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