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Cannabis Vacation Lanzarote
420 friendly Holiday Homes Lanzarote
420 Vacation Lanzarote
Cannabis on Lanzarote
Stoner Vacation Lanzarote
cannabis vacation rentals spain
Lanzarote 420 Holidays
420 friendly Holiday Homes Lanzarote


The El Dorado of cannabis lovers!

Tenerife is also known as "The Island that Smokes" and there is a good reason for this, because the south of the island has the highest density of cannabis clubs in Spain after Barcelona!

Every year one of the most famous cannabis cups in Europe takes place on Lanzarote, the VOLCANNA CUP!
In 2021 the team from Lanzarote also paid a visit to Gran Canaria with their FULLMOON CUP. The EXTRACTS Cup and the following after parties in Barcelona's best cannabis clubs were a complete success. So that the next cannabis event of the Volcanna Crew, an Edibles Cup on Tenerife, is already planned!


But Lanzarote not only has first-class weed to offer, far away from the tourist centers you will find some art and Culture to marvel at!
We are currently offering you 2 beautiful holiday villas on Lanzarote and our Holidaze passes, the Canna Concierge and bookable Canna events are planned for this year. 

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