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These are the most important things you should know about the cannabis clubs on our site!

Of course there are differences between our cannabis clubs in Barcelona, the CSC's in the Canary Islands and in Andalusia. However, the tips and rules of conduct described below apply to all our cannabis clubs throughout Spain!

First things first, as we want to protect our cannabis clubs, which are generally always at great risk when accepting new members. And we are forbidden to advertise, just like the cannabis clubs themselves! We will only send you the correct names of the CSC's on our site by email after you have successfully ordered a membership / pass on our website. For these reasons we would like to ask you not to publish the real names of the CSC's on our website in public (e.g. social media), of course you are welcome to tell your friends about our great cannabis clubs but please only in private!


Please do not confuse the cannabis social clubs on our website with the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam's coffeeshops you can just walk in and buy your weed or hash. Barcelona's cannabis clubs, on the other hand, are only open to members who are recommended by existing members. 


The cannabis clubs on our website do not sell weed!

Of course, as a member you can get your cannabis there, but because all the CSC's we work with are non-profit organisations, you can't buy anything there. But you can get it for a contribution towards expenses, the word buying is rather unpopular in Cannabis Social Clubs!


Please never stay longer than necessary in the areas in front of the cannabis clubs. This only leads to trouble with neighbours and pubs in the street! Do not let anyone wait in front of the CSC's!


It is not allowed to show up with suitcases or other large luggage in any of the CSC's on our site!

Please bring your suitcases to your hotel, Holidaze Home or just leave them in the locker at the airport or train station before you head to the Cannabis Club ;)


Our cannabis clubs are not pharmacies or dispensaries where you just walk in and leave right after you get your cannabis. As the name Cannabis Social Club suggests, the CSC's on our site are also about social club life. That's why it is obligatory to stay in the cannabis club for at least 15 minutes or, as we say, a joint length!


According to the law, it is only legal to consume or possess cannabis in Spain if you are in a private place, such as a cannabis club. Therefore, we advise you to store your weed well if you want to take it out of the CSC. If, which we do not assume, the worst case scenario should occur. If you are checked and the police also find something, you should know that in the worst case scenario you could be fined and should take it easy. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU TELL THE POLICE IN SPAIN THAT THE CANNABIS PRODUCTS FOUND ON YOU CAME FROM A CANNABIS CLUB!

This may lead to the closure of the cannabis club you and we love so much! Most of the cannabis clubs on our site have special agreements with their members and lawyers, the CSC's will pay the lawyer's fees as long as their members don't turn them in. In this case, please contact us and the respective cannabis club immediately and describe the situation. Don't worry, this section is just for your information and is not meant to scare you. If you don't behave in a very conspicuous way or smoke weed in busy public places, there should not be any unpleasant incidents.

In most cannabis clubs in Barcelona, not only the own products are sold, that would be difficult to arrange with a selection like it prevails in the good CSC's! But for us there is a huge difference in how or where the cannabis products that are not produced by the club itself come from! There are CSC's that get their weed, hash & extracts from all over the country or, especially in the case of hash, also use contacts abroad. Everyone should be aware that these cannabis clubs, many of which don't even have a licence, don't always produce the best quality! Because you can't control where it comes from or what's in it, of course up to a certain point, but not clearly enough for us! The top cannabis clubs in Barcelona are very well connected and often share cannabis products among themselves! Furthermore, there are very good and well-known large-scale producers in Barcelona, which have developed into real "brands" in recent years! This is where the better cannabis clubs in the city get their products that they do not produce themselves. It is similar with the cannabis clubs in the south of Tenerife, where a real green industry could also establish itself! The other CSC's on our site produce their cannabis products 100% themselves!


The Cannabis Clubs on our site handle your data, just like we do, very confidentially. Nobody except us and the selected CSC's will get to see your data. Neither the Cannabis Clubs nor we will send you any mail.


If you have any questions, you can always send us an email.


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