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The El Dorado of cannabis lovers!

Tenerife is also known as "The Island that Smokes" and there is a good reason for this, because the south of the island has the highest density of cannabis clubs in Spain after Barcelona!

But also in the wild north and the cultural center and capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife waiting for you some insider tips of cannabis culture! Let's start with our "Cannabis Club Tour" first of all in the epicenter of the cannabis scene in the south of Tenerife! With about 150 licensed cannabis clubs and certainly 100 illegal clubs, you can easily fall into a tourist trap in the south of Tenerife, even as a stoner! Overpriced dispensary prices for bad cannabis products or extremely high membership fees are not uncommon here! Don't worry, we have the 6 best cannabis clubs in Tenerife for you based on our 3 selection criteria: Top shelf quality cannabis products at fair dispensing fees, nice ambience with a certain "Amsterdam flair" and of course competent and friendly staff in the cannabis clubs!


On Tenerife you currently have the choice if you want to explore the CSC's on your own with our Holidaze Passes or if you want our Canna Concierge to show you the best Cannabis Club on the island.

Five million tourists come to Tenerife every year and cavort in the bustling resorts on Tenerife, on the picturesque beaches and in the natural landscape of the island, which is worth seeing. But a vacation in Tenerife can also take you to remote areas that are almost untouched by tourism. This is exactly how our 420 friendly accommodations with stoner facilities are distributed on Tenerife. We are happy to organize for you in Tenerife also canna events of the extra class, whether you want a private 420 dinner in your Holidaze Home or you want to organize a whole weeding party for hundreds of guests, we are happy to advise you.

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