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CSC Passes & Memberships

With our Holidaze Passes you will not only save yourself

the long search for the best club(s) on the island, but also save a lot of money.

Because you get access to up to 5 of the best cannabis clubs on the island of your choice. 

You can choose between 3 different passes. 

Our Vip Pass gets you into the best club near your accommodation. 

The Gold Pass gets you into 3 of the best clubs.

The Diamond Pass even gives you access to

5 of the best clubs

on Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote.

Our clubs are known for their topshelf weed products, and have already won several Cannabis Cups.

Of course, we have also paid attention to the interior design of the club,

so that a certain Amsterdam Feeling arises.

The budtenders in our CSCs are true masters of their craft

of their trade, and will be happy to advise you on their first-class selection. 

If you prefer to eat instead of smoke, you will of course find a selection of delicious edibles in our clubs.

Vip Pass:

Access to a club

  Valid for 6 months

25 €


Gold Pass:

Access to 3 clubs

  Valid for 12 months

45 €


Diamond Pass:

Access to 5 clubs

Valid for 12 months

65 €

If you want to book now, you will find our booking form in the footer.

Please do not forget to indicate the respective island

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