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V.I.P. PASS Badalona

V.I.P. PASS Badalona

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This CSC, located in the Badalona district, was the third official Cannabis Social Club in all of Catalonia. Accordingly, the team in Barcelona is networked and can offer you, among other things, popular and well-known products from La Sagrada Farm and Femme Fatale. The weed is grown entirely with organic fertilizer at this cannabis social club in Barcelona and would be advertised as Cali in other social clubs.  Weed tourists are rare in this cannabis club, which makes this CSC all the more popular in Badalona with locals and expats who call Barcelona home. The super hospitable staff at this cannabis club really try their best to make you feel welcome and at home. Prices for drinks and snacks are also very reasonable in this CSC. If you ever have a bigger munchies, the friendly staff at this cannabis club will be happy to order you a pizza or fast food of your choice. A secret tip are the burgers with hot sauce and onions! The Cannabis Club in the Badalona district is not the largest, which makes it even more special. There is a chill-out area, a billiard table and a large seating area with a TV, which mostly shows extreme sports or chill-out music videos. The most beautiful beach in Barcelona is in Badalona, near our cannabis club. With a gorgeous marina and promenade that you can only find in Marbella. Pretty much the Venice Beach of Barcelona, so if you're in the mood for a day at the beach, this cannabis club is the place to be!


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