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V.I.P. PASS Barri Gotic

V.I.P. PASS Barri Gotic

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In none of the cannabis clubs we have visited in Barcelona in 5 years have we felt this unique vibe as strongly as in this CSC right in the Barri Gotic, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Barcelona. Whether it's because of the many Dutch members, management or rap videos. Can't we tell you. Here you can expect first-class Nederwiet & Hash as well as excellent cannabis extracts, the Nederwiet naturally comes from Spain. Of course there are also Cali strains on the menu of this cannabis club, which are of top AAA quality and are offered for the Barri Gotic at quite reasonable sales fees. On our last visit to this CSC, however, the Lemon Beans Iceolater Hash convinced us the most, terpenes don't lie! The front area of the Cannabis Club in Barri Gotic is very bright and modern in design. There you feel like you are in a hip bar or lounge. But as soon as you get to the back area, which is very reminiscent of a chill-out area, this Amsterdam coffee shop vibe immediately arises. With dimmed lights, great designed walls, Dutch rap videos and damn good hash, it's understandable if you're leaving the CSC in the Barri Gotic and wondering that you're in Barcelona and not in Amsterdam. The Cannabis Club in the Barri Gotic has not been around as long as other cannabis clubs in this region. But he does a great job and is well received by locals, expats and tourists. In addition to the top quality of the cannabis products, the perfectly trained, trained and friendly team also contributes to this. Here you will be received competently and with a smile on your face. After work, this cannabis club is often very busy.


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