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V.I.P. PASS Casa Milla

V.I.P. PASS Casa Milla

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As soon as you enter our cannabis club in the immediate vicinity of Casa Milla, every weed lover will be conjured up a grin on their face. Everything is simply perfectly coordinated here, the interior design is reminiscent of a classy cocktail bar from Berlin or New York! You can comfortably consume your weed in the various seating areas, with several TVs and a huge screen for all kinds of entertainment. Not only the design of the CSC, but also the first-class selection of weed strains will blow your mind. You'll definitely get the best Rainbow Chip Cali weed in all of Barcelona here, but the other cannabis products at this club are also exceptionally good. The original Italian espresso is just as good here, a perfect combination for a successful Wake n Bake in Barcelona, espresso & rainbow chip in our cannabis club near Casa Milla. The friendly staff at this cannabis club will be happy to advise you on the selection of your cannabis products and are also on hand with advice and action if you want to dust off a few insider tips about Barcelona, you are in good hands with them, but especially if you want first-class cannabis You're looking for drinks and cocktails at the elegantly designed bar counter! The girls in our cannabis club near Casa Milla put a smile on every member's face. In an ambience that you would otherwise only find in the best coffee shops in Amsterdam, you would of course want to smoke your weed through a high-class bong, befitting your status. In this cannabis club you have a wide selection of bongs from well-known brands such as Stündenglass & Grace Glass or vaporizers from Volcano including free cleaning pads from Smokers Club, as well as free papers & tips. The crème de la crème of cannabis culture in Barcelona meets at the Smoke Sessions in our cannabis club! If you want to smoke the best weed in town with chilled beats and cool vibes, then you're in good hands in our cannabis club near Casa Milla!


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