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V.I.P. Pass Costa Adeje

V.I.P. Pass Costa Adeje

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In the south of Tenerife, in Costa Adeje, is a real highlight of the cannabis culture in the Canary Islands. Everything is just right in this cannabis club, as a member you get a huge selection of weed, hash, extracts and even edibles in a very stylish ambience, including graffiti canvases and surfboards from WESH187 and FROST187. Not only in the Cannabis Club on Tenerife, but also right in front of the door of the Cannabis Social Club, a piece by FROST from the 187 Strassenbande is enthroned. But now to the design of the Cannabis Club in Costa Adeje. There are various seating areas, a large bar, several TVs, Playstation 5, a pool table, a dart board and graffiti art on canvas, surfboards and the walls of the Cannabis Club. Here you can also take home a piece of artistic jewelery from MARY CHAINZ, a pair of cool smoking accessories from PURIZE or clothes from VANDALSPORTS 187. The menu in this cannabis club is simply huge and includes top weed & hash strains as well as first-class extracts and edibles. We were also able to get well-known Cali strains such as ZUSHI or RUNTZ in the best quality in this Cannabis Social Club in Costa Adeje. For lovers of good bongs like ourselves, a real stoner's dream comes true in this cannabis club in Tenerife. A whole selection of top bongs from RooR is waiting for members here. Of course, free papers and tips are also available in this cannabis social club. If you want to go all out during your holiday in Costa Adeje, there are of course several different dab rigs available. No worries about the munchies afterwards, with a decent selection of snacks! Anyone who now thinks, just because you are often visited by members of a well-known street gang from Hamburg, that this cannabis club is like Sankt Pauli, is exactly right! Because here you will also be warmly welcomed and the employees know exactly what they are talking about when they advise you on the available cannabis products! There is generally a relaxed and carefree atmosphere here. In general, one can say that this cannabis club is one of the best cannabis clubs in Spain in terms of the quality of the cannabis products, the design of the clubhouse and the top equipment.


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