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V.I.P. PASS Eixample

V.I.P. PASS Eixample

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It's amazing how many of the cannabis clubs on our site are run by Italians! This is also the case with this top CSC in the Eixample district, which is very colorful but still stylish. The people here are not only familiar with design, despite the fact that the Cannabis Club has not existed for too long, they have already been able to win the Master of Rosin twice and the Spannabis Cup once. Of course you will be welcomed here with the typical Italian hospitality. The individual seating groups are in different colors and very well upholstered. Each seating area has its own TV with remote control and you can choose what's on. The counter at which the friendly budtender serves you and the bar are made of natural wood. The Cannabis Club has just relocated and the pictures were taken right after the opening. Everyone who knows the MOR Cup should be aware that the guys from Italy produce super extracts. But we wanted to get an overview of the quality of the weed again. We were once recommended Tropicana Cookies, which had incredibly sweet terpenes and was all-purple. Secondly, Wedding Crusher was recommended to us and we have to say it literally blew us away! The girls from Italy await you at the reception with typical Italian hospitality. The competent and funny budtender not only puts a smile on your face with his charming manner, but also with his incredible menu. There are also enough snacks and drinks here so that you don't die from a food flash. Dab rigs, free papers and above all bongs from RooR are also available here.


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