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V.I.P. Pass Las Americas

V.I.P. Pass Las Americas

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€22.50Sale Price
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This top cannabis club is located in the middle of Las Americas. Even during the day, this cannabis club is a real eye-catcher, the wall design in particular is very artistic. As soon as evening falls, the whole thing gets a completely different flair thanks to light effects. Not only the design will convince you in this cannabis club, as a member you get first-class cannabis products in all forms, delicious drinks and snacks, but the absolute highlight in this cannabis social club is the THC infused ICE CREAM. During the day you have a great view from the panorama window in the Cannabis Club, but the best thing is the daylight that comes in! In the evening, the artistically designed walls really come into their own. You really think there would be smoke on the walls. Not only are the walls and lights well chosen, the rest of the Cannabis Social Club has been furnished with attention to detail. What's better on a hot vacation day than a delicious ice cream? Right! A weed ice cream, that's by no means all that the members of this cannabis club can get in terms of delicious edibles. But even so, the Cannabis Club still has a lot to offer. In this CSC, members can, for example, simply press their own fresh rosin and then taste it directly. Well equipped and prepared for almost every event, this cannabis club is in Las Americas! Because even if you get cravings after trying the delicious cannabis ice cream, you don't have to leave the Cannabis Social Club. There are all kinds of small snacks such as chips & chocolate bars, but also sandwiches! Dab rigs, bongs as well as free papers and tips are of course also available to you as a member. The menu at this cannabis club might not be the biggest, but it's definitely one of the best! This cannabis club in Las Americas has been a household name at countless cannabis cups for years and has often won an award there. Just get your own impression of this small but very fine cannabis club in Las Americas, the staff are already waiting for you with the usual Italian hospitality.


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