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V.I.P. PASS Les Corts de Sarria

V.I.P. PASS Les Corts de Sarria

Excluding VAT

The very chic CSC in Barcelona is very popular with locals because of the easygoing and fun nature of the staff. Of course, many also come for the good hash that you will find in this cannabis club. Don't worry, as weed lovers, we couldn't resist testing the MIMOZZ weed recommended to us by Bud Tender on our last visit to this CSC. The MIMOZZ really blew us away, and was given to us for a fairly reasonable fee. In general, the CSC in Les Corts has great offers on the menu, especially in the mornings! A very large selection of edibles in all strengths are also part of their offer. If you prefer to smoke your first-class hash through the bong, here are some bongs from well-known brands available! A special highlight of this cannabis club near the Estacion Sants are the huge picture windows. The daylight and the view outside give this CSC a very special flair. Coupled with the thoroughly stylish interior, you feel like you are in a 420 Starbucks or rather 420 Weedbucks! But the high ceilings somehow reminded us of New York City. All in all a successful overall concept. The funny CSC team, just like the other members, ensures a damn good and relaxed atmosphere. A wide range of snacks and drinks are available for a munchies in this cannabis club. Just make sure you don't get tempted to try one of the delicious looking edibles while you're stoned. If you do, just sit down in one of the comfortable seating areas and enjoy the journey!


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